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Elegant and Easy Gourmet came to being because of one simple decision by a loving mother... to create a lasting memory for her children and their families so that they can continue the legacy she began years ago of preparing delicious gourmet meals. From her recipes, she began her cooking classes, her catering of special events like weddings and corporate banquets to her compilation of recipes to her homemade jams and preserves.


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About Us


Dubbed the "Herb Lady" and the "Raspberry Lady," Betsy Hite is nationally known for being an avid gardener and gourmet chef in Northern California. For over thirty years, she has been incorporating her fresh home-grown herbs and vegetables into many of her dishes. When her daughter married in 2002, Betsy began a special Christmas project. She began compiling recipes of their favorite childhood meals. Creating this printed masterpiece proved to be a challengefor Betsy as she is one who creates her masterpieces without recipes. Everything from her original recipes, quips and memories went into this four-month labor of love. This volume of 90 gourmet recipes became a beautiful book with recipes so complicated and intimidating that they were read but never used. A two year journey ensued to simplify, beautify, and shorten the preparation of these beloved dishes.


Thus, Elegant and Easy Gourmet was born. No longer were her recipes very long and complicated, but by using perfectly acceptable shortcuts, even the most culinary-challenged cooks can prepare an elegant meal in about the time it takes to bake a store-purchased frozen entree.


Betsy is sharing her creations through gourmet cooking classes she occasionally teaches in her own kitchen located on her five-acre ranch in a small Northern California farming community. She and her staff can also be found catering events for a growing number of business, healthcare, political and charitable organizations throughout the region. See her at work on local television stations and other community events.



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Gourmet catering specializing in the use of fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, meats & seafood.
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